Ladder of Success

Hello super hero runners and walkers! This is your Road Runners Club of Woodbury run tip of the week. The message is “Small Steps”. One of my favorite writers is Stephen Covey and he has stated “At times the ladder of success appears insurmountable. But remember, the field of flowers was created seed by seed, blossom by blossom, step by step”( Covey, 2006). In running we need to remember to take it step by step.¬† Nothing is too hard if we take it apart in small pieces. So when training do the small things that matter day by day and in the long run it will all come together.

Please have a safe and fun holiday!

Merry Christmas to all and a happy New Year!

Next week we won’t have a weekly tip so enjoy your holiday. After the first of the year I will be writing about an interview I had with one of the top runners in the country and he lives right here in Woodbury!

Happy Running!

John K Carlson V.P.


Road Runner’s Club of Woodbury¬†(RRCW