Geoff Shute Interview

Good afternoon most impressive, incredible, super fast, brilliant runners!  This is a special edition of the Road Runners Club of Woodbury tip of the week. The topic for this week is to share with everyone a recent interview I had with a superior coach of mine Geoff Shute. Geoff (Shuty) Lives in Woodbury and is currently rated in the top 500 of marathon runners in the country. In fact Geoff finished 175th place in the Boston marathon with a time of 2:39:27 and 21st in the Philadelphia marathon with a time of 2:34:37, remarkable!! These incredible stats earn Geoff the right to full attention when he talks running. The following interview with Geoff was performed at a recent 5K race training meeting that I attended. Hope this information will spark some answers in everyone’s training.

John- In your opinion what is the most efficient training runs?

Shuty- Threshold runs are the best way to train for any race. Tempo runs also are best when they are ran at a moderate to hard pace at a set mileage or time.

John-What strategy do you use when racing against a good competitor?

Shuty- I run close to my opponent and listen to the breathing. If my opponent is laboring hard and more than me, I advance ahead to gape them. This assures me a good lead in the race.

John-When I go to races I check out the opponents, and if I see a fast person I usually get nervous. What happens inside of you when you see a fast opponent?

Shuty- When I see a fast opponent or even someone who has beaten me before, I think PR! I get excited to run at my best and beat that person ending in a PR! I am more excited to see faster people; this motivates me to do my best!

John- What is the toughest part of the race and how do you handle it?

Shuty- When I see the finish line and find that I am still too far for an all out sprint while still lagging behind my opponents. My strategy is to reach down inside and get tough and strong! Go for Broke! Do It! Suck it up and test my opponent’s strength by going for broke and give it all I got to the finish line!

John- What is one key factor in training for a marathon?

Shuty – Add Volume, More miles.

John- Why do you run?

Shuty- It is my time, my time to relieve stress and have fun. And yes I always want to win races.

John- What is most exciting about going to races?

Shuty- Believe it or not knowing that I am not going to win!  This fact motivates me to go at it harder and I will defiantly PR as a result of giving it all I have.

Geoff is defiantly an inspiration to me in all my races and training. It is very important to find a person that you can learn from. Just remember we grow as a result of listening and networking with others.

I would like to give a special thanks to Geoff Shute for taking the time to answer these questions about racing.

Happy New Year to all!

Happy Running!

John K Carlson
Road Runner’s Club of Woodbury – RRCW