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Hello super talented and fabulous runners and walkers, this is the Road Runners club of Woodbury weekly run tip. This week focuses on a special addition featuring a success story about one of our club members. The RRCW is a great organization consisting of many individuals with strong principles and goals. Running is our main objective, and we also pride ourselves in helping each other. The club members have a strong sense of values and needs to help one another to achieve success in running. This week I want to focus on Nick Panuninu who has a special goal in life that can be achieved through consistent running.

The Meeting

The day was hot and sunny and probably around 87 degrees while Vic, Amy, Maria, and I were doing speed work at the Woodbury High school. All of us were very hot and exhausted as we finished our last lap of 400 “meter sprints”. I began to stretch when I notice somebody struggling around the track. As the person arrived closer I could see a man from Indian descent dressed in a long hot polo shirt with shorts that drooped below his knees. I new that this person had to be very hot and uncomfortable. I approached this person and introduced myself as the RRCW fun run promoter. The gentlemen identified himself as Nick and said he was out for a jog around the track. I asked him how many miles are you doing. In response Nick stated that he could do only two laps (1/2 mile) at a time before getting too winded. I then ask him if he needed help to improve his run, which he answered yes. I told him about our club that meets every Thursday night and that we would love to have him attend. Nick accepted the invitation and joined our club with a great deal of enthusiasm. I was amazed at Nick’s passion to run and to act so quickly to join our club. I knew that there was something strong feeding this passion.

I Asked Nick Why The Great Passion For Running?!

Nick spoke about his passion for running and why he wanted to improve. I thought I would hear something like “I want to accomplish 5 miles or win a race. Instead he mentioned his family and more specifically his children. Nick mention strongly that running would improve his health and allow him to experience the lives of his children. Nicks main goal of getting healthy was driven by his love for his family!

Nick arrived at our club the following Thursday ready to run with the same polo shirt and shorts on, washed, of course. He was determined to drop weight and to improve on his health that was neglected for a while. The first night Nicks passion fueled him to accomplished “one mile” without stopping! The following week Nick came out to run with the club and accomplished “two miles” without stopping! I was amazed and incredibly happy for Nick. The next club run Nick ran the entire “3.1 mile” course without stopping. I was stunned and excited to watch Nick accomplish three miles in just three weeks. In the beginning Nick could only do a half mile when we recruited him. This was a result of a “definite major purpose in life”!  The purpose for Nick was to be healthy enough to live to see his family for a long time.

Race Time

I did not want Nick to stop running so to keep him focused I suggested that he needed to sign up for a race and start training. We developed a training plan for Nick focusing on his first race the “run down broad street 5K” in Woodbury. Nick ran that race finishing somewhere around 95th out of 135 finishers. Nicks passion for racing continued and he entered the “Snap fitness 5k” finishing 14th place out of 40. Nick was awarded a trophy, which was his first award accomplished in a sport. He took his trophy proudly home to his family.

I asked Nick what his motivation was for running. He responded that I want to become healthy. Running makes my body energetic and healthy. I receive many benefits from running including weight loss, and physical fitness. The main reason is to make sure I am around a long time to enjoy and help my family. Nick has kept up with his running, and will keep on running to accomplish all his goals. The RRCW is very fortunate to have Nick as a member…

Thank you Nick for sharing your story and the encouraging words. Nicks story has proven to me that there are more important reasons for all of us to run!

Happy Running!

John K. Carlson V.P.
Road Runner’s Club of Woodbury – RRCW


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