Why We Run

Hello super, incredible, and most intelligent runners in the world. This is your Road Runners Club of Woodbury run tip of the week. This week I would like to reflect on a portion of my interview with Geoff Shute.  The question that I want to reflect on is “why do you run?” Geoff answered that it is my time to relieve stress and have fun, and yes I always want to win races”. As competitive runners we all want to win races. The other fact is that besides physical benefits, running will create great psychological benefits.

Running is a great way to improve your body and your mind. I have found that my challenges in life have become easer to deal with as a result of a consistent running plan. The psychological benefits from running include confidence, stress relieve, runners high, and relationships.


Running creates self confidence mostly from the physical growth achieved through our work outs. The achievement of finishing long runs and reaching personal goals builds confidence which prepares an individual for success. For example the ability to do day to day activities such as climbing a flight of stairs with ease will increase ones confidence in their physical shape. Another benefit is that weight loss is much easier to attain from continued running. These two benefits will increase a person’s outlook on themselves and build a strong confidence level with in.


Stress is another serious challenge in our lives. Running can help immensely in reducing the stress in people’s lives. Stress is slowly released and problems disappear while engaged in a run. Speed work can help to aggressively release the anger built up inside one self. A long run can allow for uninterrupted time to solve current challenges hence reducing the stress caused by unsolved problems.

Runners high

One of the most widely talked about benefits of running is the runners high. A runner’s high is the body’s process of releasing endorphins which is a natural pain killer causing relief from pain and producing a very happy feeling. I have personally experience this euphoria, and believe me it is a great feeling. The runners high will usually surface after a long hard run or a short high intense run. The happiness feeling can last for hours!!


Running can also build strong relationships. The RRCW fun run invites groups of runners who run together. People who run in groups can help one another to work out problems and to reach individual goals.

I love the following quote from William Arthur ward:

“Adversity causes some men to break, others to break records”

So get out there and release stress and build your confidence!

Happy Running!

John K Carlson  V.P.
Road Runner’s Club of Woodbury – RRCW


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