Happy Birthday, Vic!

Hello super dynamic runners and walkers, this is the Road Runners club of Woodbury run tip of the week. I just got back from an incredible easy pace 5 mile run. Man the weather is perfect for running outside. The temp is hanging around 40ish and there is a feeling of crispness in the air. The best part is that there isn’t any snow on the ground or water puddles to step into. Trust me if you haven’t ran yet today, get out there and do it you will enjoy the weather.

This week’s tip is not focused on training; it is a reflection on the contributions that people make in life. The RRCW run club is a special organization consisting of a collection of wonderful people. I am so proud and honored to be a part of this wonderful organization. Every week the club experiences new ideas, laughter, and fun. This week we had a member with a birthday. Birthdays remind me to think about the other person and his or her importance in life. Most of us including myself tend to think about ourselves and not enough about others. I have made a commitment in life to strengthen my thoughts pointing to others. This week I want to reflect on the great contributions our birthday boy (VIC Micklasavage) has made within our amazing club.

Vic is the RRCW head communicator and co-organizer. Vic takes his lead very seriously while still having fun. Vic organizes all of the members contact information and makes sure that once a week everyone is reminded about the run and activities that are happening. Vic is also in the process of getting a cross walk installed at the corner of wood and Delaware avenue. This is a dangerous corner for the club and Vic is concerned for our safety. I can keep going on writing 10 pages dedicated on Vic’s contributions such as organizing the bus for broad street and night lights and shirts and and and and and!!!!~!

I just want to say that we could not have such a successful club if it wasn’t for our good friend Vic.

Please join me in saying HAPPY BIRTHDAY VIC and thank you for all that you do!

I am so grateful that Vic is a strong part of our club.

“We ourselves feel that what we are doing is just a drop in the ocean. But the ocean would be less because of that missing drop”.
– Mother Teresa

Happy Running!

John K. Carlson V.P.