Progressive Runs

Good evening super runners and walkers; this is the Road Runners Club of Woodbury run tip of the week. This week the focus is on my favorite training run called the Progressive run. The name just sounds positive so it must be a fun run. The Progressive run is one of many workouts that are responsible for developing a strong aerobic support. The progressive run can be added to your long run days or even as a moderate day workout.

The primary purpose of progressive runs is to introduce a moderate aerobic workout. The run can start out as an easy pace long run then ending with a short to intermediate-length segment of moderately to hard control running. For example you could start with 15 minutes of moderately to hard running at the end of a 10-mile easy run. Long run days usually consist of easy to moderate pace focusing on endurance. If we change this long run into a progressive long run then we can develop aerobic fitness and endurance at the same time. On your next long run day go out at an easy pace then the last two miles step it up to a hard pace. Visualize yourself in a race just coming down to the finish line and finish strong! This will help to motivate you to increase your pace for a super aerobic workout at the end.

It is important that your progressive run be mostly run by feeling. Do not be too scientific when figuring out your ending pace. Go out to do a six to 12 mile long run and end with a hard pace that feels obtainable to you. For example I like to use my mid-week long run usually 10 to 12 miles as my progressive run. I map out my run so I know where the last two miles of the run will start. Then I engage in a hard pace usually around a seven minute pace.

Add this fun workout to your list of training methods. This run will help to increase your overall running fitness to yield a better time in your next race.

Hey lets all go to Allen’s place for nuts!!!

Happy Running!

John K. Carlson V.P.


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