Congratulations to our Broad Street Runners!

The Broad Street Run Express Bus was a big success! We had 26 bus riders and we had a great time on the bus! Our driver was able to park one block away from the starting area and right next to the porta-potties!  We were all able to stay on the bus until they started seeding the corrals.  It was such a relaxed way for us runners to go! Afterwards our driver picked-us-up right at the Navy Yard and 15 of us enjoyed a well-deserved sandwich at Tony Lukes! Below are some comments from our Broad Street Express Bus riders:

  • Thanks for setting the bus up.  It was awesome!!!  Lots’s of pr’s today.  Great day to run!!
  • Easiest trip to and from the run I ever had.  Thank u so much for organizing!
  • Having never done it before I don’t have much to offer, but you did a great job getting it together, it seemed very easy for everyone and well planned from my point of view. It was great not having to worry about anything else than just finishing the run lol. Thank you again and it was nice meeting you and some of the group!
  • Awesome job getting the bus I hope this is a annual thing, my husband said if so he is there next year. It was the best ever, thanks again for alll your hard work!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Thanks to you and everyone involved in organizing the bus ride. I thought it was great! It was the most stress-free time I’ve ever had getting to the Broad St. Run. I also appreciated not having to walk back to the stadium area to get to the car since my calves usually cramp up. Tony Lukes was good too!
  • Thank you for organizing eveything yesterday! It was a great first experience running Broad Street with you!
  • You guys are AWESOME!!  Many, many thanks on organizing the best Broad Street Time, ever!!  It was so relaxing and enjoyable.  All we had to think about was getting through the race!   I know I will be on the Bus next year!  It will probably sell out when everyone finds out what they missed!  Thanks again and happy running!
  • Thanks for making the Broad Street Rub fun and easy.  Is was  an adventure riding the bus with everyone and stopping at the cleanest bathroom in Philadelphia .  Now, I will never be afraid of using a port a pot.