Hello super dynamic runners and walkers, this is the Road Runners club of Woodbury run tip of the week. I write to you on the second day after an amazing race called the rock and roll Philadelphia half marathon. Sunday September 18th was a perfect day for a race. The temperature was in the mid-sixty’s, and the sun was out with a feeling of strong PRs in the air. I cannot express the victorious excitement that I felt when lining up in my coral. Talking with many runners I found that the feeling was mutual. The mood was synergistic among the folks that yielded the goal of winning. This is what running is about, the feeling of great health and accomplishment in our lives. I wish that I can express and share this feeling with everyone I come in contact with.

Before the gun went off I had the chance to meet Kara Goucher and also shook hands with one of my great mentors Bart Yasso. Yes the inventor of the Yasso’s 800s. If you do not know about the specific training workout called the Yasso 800s please go to the RRCW site and read up. This endurance training workout is one element to increasing your race time in the 5k up to a Marathon. Bart mentioned that: “this is the perfect day to concentrate on a PR” and he was right because I managed to finish with a PR of 1:27:09 and had a little more in the tank, but I was very happy with this time. The Philly half was a tune up race for me on the road to the Philadelphia Marathon on November 20th. After talking with Bart I have been thinking about running and the uncontrollable fact of growing older.

Running fast is easy when you are in your twenties and thirties, but age keeps coming and I find myself pondering that issue at the age of 46. I still feel as if I am 20 and running is responsible for this feeling. Bart is in his late fifties or may be older, but does not look it or even act like it. He is an amazing man who looks and feels as if he is still in the prime age for competing. The sole reason for this is his training and lifestyle. As runners we need to share this fountain of youth secret to everyone.

The first step to this secret is to stay active and motivated. I am sorry to surprise you with this, but as we age we will be slower, which is fine. The important fact is to keep running and set high goals. That is the secret; age is a number so we cannot use that as an excuse to stop running. The thought here is that you have a choice: give up running or continue because you need it more than ever as you are aging. I find that as I get older I am setting goals and training harder than I have ever done in the past.

The fact is that when we get older we need to increase our passion of setting physical goals in running more than ever. The responses from others like “wow you do not look like you are approaching 50” are very encouraging and motivating. Please stay in great physical condition no matter what your age is. Fool the doubters that say “hey man you are getting older I think it is time for you to stop” they simply do not understand! Instead respond back to them and say I hope you are getting in your exercise today because you need it (say it nicely and with love, “of course”).

This is the time to increase your training. Do not stop, instead increase and adapt to new workouts, cross training, and run new courses. Stay in contact with the doers and ignore the negative. Join a run club like the RRCW and meet new people. Run with the younger crowd and sign up for the next race. The “run down Broad Street” is the next 5k in Woodbury and the Jonas Cattell 10 miler is on October 23rd. I hope to see you there ready to rock!

Stay young my friends! I am always ready to design a training plan for you. All you have to do is say “hey John what is my next step?” then commit! I will keep you young!

“Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.”

—————The Diary of Anais Nin

Keep the Faith and always love others!

Happy Running!

John K Carlson V.P.