Hello super runners! This is the Road Runners Club of Woodbury weekly run tip. I have just finished up a solid week of good hard training. Most of you that I know are training for up coming marathons such as the Philadelphia marathon in November. This time period is about 10 to 12 weeks out, indicating that it is time to start sharpening up, and fine tuning our training. Some of you are training just to finish the marathon, and some are serious in running the unthinkable pace. The fast pacers are those who need to listen to this tip. The secret to increasing your race pace is to include the best aerobic support workout called the threshold run.

The threshold run is a workout that will move you closer to the aerobic support that one needs to achieve the goal pace. The threshold run is a major element of every running workout plan. It is called a threshold because you are running at a pace corresponding to your bodies lactate threshold. This is the point were your body has difficulty of getting rid of the lactate build up. The result to achieve is to train the body to increase the duration of holding the pace needed in the race. The conclusion is to increase your aerobic threshold.

The Workout

Brad Hudson says “Threshold runs use moderate extended running efforts at moderately high intensity levels to stimulate aerobic-system adaptations and other physiological changes that enable runners to sustain faster and faster running paces for longer and longer stretches of time” (Hudson,2008,p.57).

Start out easy with your workouts

Work out 1: six-mile run with two 10minute intervals at 10k pace.

Example: 2 miles easy/10minutes @10kpace/4 minute easy/10minutes @10k pace/2miles cool down.

Work out 2:  Eight-mile run with two 15 minutes intervals at 10k pace.

Example: 2 miles easy/15minutes @10kpace/ 4minute easy/ 15 minutes @10k pace/ 2miles cool down.

Advanced work out

Workout 1: 3mile easy/4mile @10k pace/3mile easy=10miles

Workout 2: 3mile easy/6mile @10k pace/3mile easy=12miles

Note: 10k pace is a little slower than 5k and faster than half marathon, which yields a threshold pace for the body. This pace is around 6:40 for me, but do not worry this is not rocket science.

Have fun training and fine tuning your marathon pace.

Reference: Hudson, Brad, Fitzgerald, Matt, 2008, Run Faster from the 5K to the marathon, Copyright, 2008 by Brad Hudson and Matt Fitzgerald.

Happy Running!

John K Carlson V.P.