Running Seminar April 4th

jason kilderryETA Coach Jason Kilderry is coming back to present another seminar on running on April 4th. It will take place in the Woodbury High School cafeteria after the April 4th Fun Run at approximately 7:15 PM.  All RRCW runners and walkers are welcome to attend.  More info on ETA Coach.

I’m a runner, but how should I run? How can I keep from getting injured? Should I run in a minimalist or barefoot shoe? Come join Coach Jason Kilderry as he discusses the latest hot topics in running such as running technique, minimalist footwear, and injury prevention.

Whether from the Internet, the latest issue of a running magazine, or a close friend, you can always hear some new training idea that is supposed to take your running to the next level. You can almost always find running technique, foot strike, minimalist footwear, and injury prevention in the “hot topics” section of various running sites/magazines, but with so much information, how can you be sure what is right? One day you hear that running is good for you, and the next you hear it’s great for you–as long as you don’t heel strike. We hear daily injury prevention tips, but which ones are applicable and easy to follow, keep you healthy, and aid in your recovery from training? Coach Jason Kilderry has an extensive background in exercise science and is able to break down these latest claims and deliver real answers to beginner and advanced runners, enabling them to understand what is good for their running and what is not. Coach Jason’s goal is to help each runner learn the real science behind popular claims, apply it, and reap the rewards of smart evidence-based training techniques in an easy to understand way.


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