The 5K Check List

Attention super athletic competitors, I would like to disclose several little tips to follow concerning the two days before a 5000 meter race. The Hot Run in the Summertime 5K is in a couple of days. The heavy training is complete, which gives way to the preparation for race day. The time has come to put into play the last days punch list to getting ready.

The race is on Saturday which places Thursday night as the most important night for sleep. The night of the race might be filled with a little anxiety or nerves. Securing your solid rem sleep for Thursday night allows for proper rest before the race.

Continue your healthy diet. Considering the small distance of a 5K race runners do not need to overload on food. Focus on light meals mostly balanced with complex carbs and lean proteins. Stay hydrated with plenty of water. This coaches preaching is to down one-gallon of water per day.

After your small runs please engage in plenty of stretching up to the day of the race. At this point the runner needs to be flexible. A practice of stretching everyday including 20-minutes before the race is very important for proper flexibility.

Engage in mental vision practices in preparation for the race. Picture your strategy of pace through-out the course. Begin with an end in mind. Think this through to the finish cruising on after burners thrusting to the finish.

Don’t overload on food the night before. We tend to think more food the better our energy. Sometimes we stuff ourselves too much the night before ending in a bloated feeling on race day. Just remember light and lean. Eat your balanced breakfast of lean protein and carbs at least two hours before the race. You can have a small gel or light sports drink 15-30minutes before the gun, but nothing heavy. Stay hydrated.

Last but not least perform your warm-up which includes stretching 25-minutes before the start. Light jogging mixed with a couple of fast burst should do the job.

I wish all a great performance on Saturday! You all have what it takes to conquer your goals, and most important have fun!

Happy Running!

John K Carlson
Coach RRCW

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