Race Down Broad Street 5K Training

The 7th annual Race Down Broad Street is approaching quickly.  Woodbury’s Broad Street Race is a phenomenal race that includes a mixture of hills, straights and flats to test our strengths. The following is a short tip reflecting the need of sharpening our skills for this race.

At this point we should engage the sharpening phase of training promoting the predicted pace (begin with an end in mind). Speed work is an important element to include in your specific endurance training. Monday the speed work training consisted of ladders (200-400-800-800-400-200), which is the correct mixture of movement for sharpening your predicted pace. Keep this consistent up to five days before the race.

The next specific endurance training that mimics race day reality is hill work. Broad Street has a consistent hill placed halfway into the race. This hill can be the tool to use in your strategy to pull ahead of the competition. In my experience this hill has broken the pace of many competitors. The reason is that most runners don’t include hill work as part of the training plan.  Simply implement hill work in your training for a race that has hills to give you the advantage.

Suggestion: Run the Broad street hill close as possible to your predicted pace for 5-6 repeats. Run up at pace and easy recovery on the way down. Keep your regular base miles up while engaging in these two sharpening skills (Speed work, Hills). This ensures that your end in mind can be reality.

I know you have what it takes to run a successful 5K, SO Go Do It!


Happy Running!

John K Carlson
Coach RRCW

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