RRCW and Mental Health

The gifts resulting from joining a running club far exceed a great work-out. The first thought is to join a club to enhance motivation and discipline in the sport of running. Once established in the club, something unexpected arrives at the runners door step. This unexpected benefit is related to the body’s control center called positive Mental Health; Mental Health that is driven by the energy of social contacts.

The runners high is associated with a euphoric feeling created by engaging in a high intensity run. This is the body releasing endorphins (body’s natural energy and pain killing source) that promote a physical and mental euphoria. Unrelated to this chemical change is the sense of freedom and bonding through fellowship with new friends acquired by joining a running club. Oh yes the number one running club, the RRCW, knows all about this feeling. Joining a good running club adds motivation to the discipline of running. Through the discipline of running many benefits result from the strength of associations.

Through the action of running, improvements are made in the areas of physical and mental, which contribute to building strong character and confidence. Mental health thrives on confidence and strength that is responsible in creating ones character. Social interaction through running improves the state of mental well-being taking a lead over just running alone. The running club becomes a support system, which increases the sense of self-worth and belonging.

Running provides the physical change needed to develop long term health. Let’s not forget the mental change that one benefits while engaging in a fellowship run. The very process of continual planning of trainings and developing other adaptive strategies through the social connection helps to aid in brain development. The human citadel of obstinacy relating to change is broken once mixed with different levels of thought and experiences of peers.

Mental health improves at a greater level through the fellowship among peers in a strong club structure. This is proven immensely with the RRCW team.


Happy Running!

Coach John

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  1. It would take something really important or lightning to change my plans for running on Thursday night's. There's no doubt that I wouldn't still be running for 2 years had I not joined RRCW,

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