Thank You

Life develops at a deeper level when one inclines their ear to wisdom and understanding. False simplicity turning into a show of pride downgrades the true richness of our lives. This time of year can remind us that wisdom and understanding is produced by humbling ourselves and giving thanks. The RRCW is more than a run club, it is a source of light for people who shall give thanks.

I would like to personally thank the RRCW for the opportunity to fellowship, coach, and participate in community runs. Above and beyond the action of running is the graciousness of the RRCW organizers who care and serve with wisdom and understanding. I mean they truly care! We give thanks to Vic and Maria for organizing the Fun Runs, and opening up their home hosting the after fun run fellowship events. Another special thanks goes to the officers of the RRCW John Carter, Ron Riskie, Anita Campbell, Mary Carter, Geoff Shute, and Terry Dennen who facilitate the technical assistance, and planning that is done behind the scenes. Wisdom is also shown by the members of the team who consistently show up supporting the club and help with organizing events. The main strength reflecting the club is a watering hole in which all the members gather together to share thoughts, ideas, and yes wisdom that applies our hearts to understanding.

The Philadelphia marathon, which took place this month, was energized with true diligent warriors. Words were not needed to express the inward tone of the heart witnessing the sharing and caring among the competitors. Just the simple fact of lining up in the corral allows runners to acquire more wisdom and understanding relating to the powerful paths of running. Encouraging words of inspiration and support echoed throughout the whole event. Communicating advice to new runners of what to expect, and what to bring to the marathon from race alumnus is priceless. The homeless as well were thankful for the marathon. Thousands of runners wearing throw off clothes to keep warm proceeding the start lined up in their assigned corrals, then donated their clothing by leaving the items behind for the needy.

The definition of success is not how much stuff and money you accumulate, it is how many people on earth are better off because you exist. The gracious help and love you provide to others is the source of all success, which is immersed in true loving principles. So I say thank you to the RRCW and its members who are responsible in helping people acquire wisdom and understanding through the strong vehicle of running. Many people, organizations, and communities are better off because RRCW exist. So I want to say “THANK YOU.”

Happy Running!

John Carlson
Coach RRCW

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