Broad Street

Just wanted to send out a positive word concerning the ever wonderful Broad Street Run. Broad Street is the largest 10-mile race, and in my opinion the best. The course is flat and fast, and obviously very straight. There are a couple of small upgrades that occur on the course, but not a match to a well-trained athlete. Broad Street, which takes place on Sunday is the perfect course for fun and PRs. So come one come all to compete and have a joyous time!

This week finds the time to start folding down the miles. Less physical activity and more visionary activity. These last couple of days should be filled with short relaxed runs mixed with small bursts of race pace. Another important element to address is flexibility. We need to do a whole lot of stretching. If you have a roller stick this is the time to break it out. Stretching will promote flexibility allowing for faster times and shielding one from injury. The roller stick is a self-massager trigger point design for the muscles, which will find the knots. The stick helps the legs to heal and recover faster using the unique design for ultimate healing.

Friday is a great day to take off from running securing recovery and rest. Get a solid night sleep on Friday night expecting a restless sleep the night before the race. The rest on Friday will show up on race day promoting strong legs.  Get to the expo early to pick up your number preferably on Friday and enjoy the venders, but don’t stay too long on your legs. Friday and Saturday is all about deep rest in preparation for a high intensity race on Sunday.

Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water up to race day. Eat light foods filled with lean protein and complex carbs in small frequent quantities. The key is to have the correct nutrition without being bloated and heavy on race day. Be very careful on consuming high sugar treats and alcohol, this will jeopardize your performance.

I want to wish you all a healthy and fun race on Sunday. The RRCW team is a well-trained machine, and now is the time to put that talent to work. Every one of you has the drive and physical ability to accomplish your goals. Keep your mental vision in high focus on the pace as well as the comfort that was acquired from the long hours of training.

The Broad Street team warriors are among the best in the world of racing. Go out and achieve!!


Happy Running!

Coach John