The Love of the Run

love_runningThe pace is too fast, my body is weak and tired, and I hope I can get to the next mile before collapsing. Speed-work day has arrived again, and I feel anxious about my performance. Another long run Sunday with 20-miles ahead I feel like going back into my warm bed. I can’t wait until taper time so I can finally cut back on the miles and maybe enjoy the run. These are examples of feelings and emotions most competitive runners experience throughout the training process. These examples can make or break a runner. There is another principle that we need not forget, and that principle is to remember “The Love of the Run.”

The Love of the run rings especially true from two committed runners Diana Gerstenbacker and David S. Johnson Sr. Diana mentioned her goal at the “Love Run” was: “My goal for Sunday is to just enjoy the run,” reminding us that running is enjoyable. David mentioned recently on a six-mile “an easy six-miles for the love of running,” while enjoying the sites at Philadelphia’s Love Park. Both runners are highly engaged in the sport injected with the true passion of the Love for Running.

A clear vision is created while engaged in a balanced motion born through a controlled relaxed pace. Resting in the knowledge that you have invested many miles that improved your fitness hierarchy. Breathing in a rhythmic motion, which sounds like a metronome chipping away at the strides. Days that find one lost in a trance and meditation wave, which creates pillows of comfort placed on the road before you. This is The Love of the run.

Running first thing in the morning prepares a person by renewing the mind and spirit, while surging energy goes through the body strengthening you for the day. Running is refreshing, relaxing, rejuvenating and peaceful. The morning is a good time to reflect on the upcoming journey for the day while engage in a good run. If we are working on a project or challenge, the rhythm of the movement brings sharp meditation practices that organizes what’s really important.  After the run, your mental “inbox” is clear, promoting sharp thoughts and disciplined obedience to perfection of the spirit.

Hard training that mimic “pain before gain” results in euphoric resolution of a job well done. Knowing you are a part of the very small percentage on this earth who accomplish competitive running goals. Knowing you are built with a strong will to get out of a warm bed accompanied with sharp pains while going in the cold moments after a restful deep sleep. Ending with the euphoric feeling that the rest of the day will be conquered as a result of this life changing ritual. That is an earned Joy no one else can achieve without the discipline of running.

Lining up at the start line with the fear of poor performance lingering in your heart changes to wonderful exhilaration at the finish line recording a best performance. This is a feeling unlike no other feeling that a true runner can understand. Racing brings a sense of accomplishment that reflects a true athlete in oneself. Runners are truly respected as serious athletes. These spiritual enlightenments bring about positive stability and perfect balance in ones life. These results reflect the rarity that one can see a depressed runner.

Running is one of the best forms of exercise that promotes a healthy body and mind. If our motivation is not quite positive at the beginning of the run, you can count on the end being a feeling of joy. The completion of a run, no matter the distance, brings to light the feeling and knowledge of improved health and a step closer to a PR. Strength and endurance is built through the daily repeats of running phases. The love of knowing oneself as being healthy through this physical experience promotes unmoving joy and strength within our journey.

Running is such a great stress reliever, that many have left the medicine bottle alone because anxiety melts away after a strong curriculum of running. The runners high releases endorphins in your anatomy creating a sense of exhilaration. The feeling of floating down the trail at a high pace without understanding of tiredness is the love of running. Knowing we don’t need to take a drug in order to get the runner’s high which improves our health at the same time.

Healthy eating habits is a side effect of a good runner. Your body needs the fuel in order to push the distance, and now we eat to be healthy, to nourish the hard-working muscles out of the need and not out of vanity. Nutritional practices which sculpt the body never came so easy until the need for good nutrition to support a strong running frame. Positive exhilaration comes from the joy of eating healthy to nourish your body for the race. This is a joy and an appearance that separates you from the masses parading in the fast food lines.

Fellowship is another positive side effect, engaging people in true positive relationships.  I can’t tell you how many races I have done where I have easily started chatting with a group of runners just because of the common interest. Strangers are people you have not met yet, and running brings about this engagement that improves communication around the globe.  The simple concept of running is responsible for bonding and peace. Running and racing brings together, generous, like-minded people caring for love, help, and peace among people. Folks, understand that the truest principle of what we do with our legs is for the Love of the Run.

Happy Running!

John K Carlson
Coach RRCW