The Joy in Training

The race is set, the training begins, which leads the way to a hard road ahead. The thoughts of high intensity training on the horizon is exciting, and at the same time, a cloud of physical brutality is hanging over our heads. The “training process” designed to accomplish the race goal is a disciplined role that involves intense physical and mental sacrifice. The designing of the endurance curriculum releases hormones of pride followed by visions of euphoric success. The “you can do it” attitude releases strength in one’s mind. Then the training begins bringing forth stages of non-confidence and physical pain. Hold on! Have faith! The strength in our hope will make way to success.

There is a hidden or secret joy in training. The understanding and transformation of added strength acquired by the athlete after each run begs the ongoing hard training process. Starting the training with reserved feelings, and coming out of it with the joy of accomplishment reveals the secret of success. Day after day applying different workouts responsible for breaking down the body that yields a newly created healed body prepared for the next performance. This is the joy in training. The knowledge that after each physical challenge a higher level in fitness is created. The runner’s award of grace is the knowledge of obtaining a superior fitness level.

Observe the masses and do the opposite, because the masses are on the couch in front of the TV, and you are out there recording the miles. We have our ups and downs throughout our training lives, although we do not give up.  One thing I have found is that it is all about setting and meeting your goals. Our dreams and visions reflect the finish line of success. Once we put a date on the dream we now have converted it to a goal. The constant change is constant in that we need to continue to set goals. Dreams or visions do not come true unless they are established in a completion date.  

The focus is not on the pain, the focus is on the end in mind, the finish line. The truth in training creates a strong disciplined character which produces a strong body and mind. The pain is temporary but the accomplishment is life time. The disciplined training habit is the principle that separates the serious runner from the mediocre masses. The Joy in training is built on a strong foundation of true discipline. Temporarily happiness such as skipping a run to watch TV is a fading happiness that will soon disappear. Building a strong mind and body through disciplined training brings a lifetime of true inner joy.

Every training day produces a small strength, a building block for the week. Every week is a section of blocks that links together the training month. The month’s trainings come together as a whole producing the long term training goal. The long term goal accomplished reveals a new creation producing the winning product. Training produces discipline, which produces character, which produces strength, which produces a new you. Training is not just for winning a race, it creates a strong disciplined life. Rejoice in the fact that you partake and join in the disciplined trials of intense training, knowing your glory will be revealed in a new creation, an advanced healthier disciplined person.

Happy Joyful Running!

Coach John RRCW