Pride is a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired. The statement just read is the dictionary’s definition relating to a well-known term describing individual power allowing dual meanings and controversial positions. Most of us are taught from a young age to be independent while striving to be the best at our position in life. We are motivated to be in demand and to separate from the masses by succeeding beyond our peers. Go out and get your education and receive the dream job of the world, rings true in our ears. The paradigm taught in our world is to advance beyond our peers, and to be the best we can be.

The world teaches a success model, which yields our purpose to strive for excellence. Marketing through advertising tells us that we are individuals deserving importance while looking our best. Vanity is the leading powerhouse of individuality. Vanity is the lead topic in the news. Folks, I got another lead news topic for you. Running breaks down these barriers and false faces. The person who assumes a high position in life, comes to terms of equality on the track. The CEO and or yacht owners meet with homeless and blue collars at the even playing field of running. A common thread reveals runners at all levels helping other runners with a less level to achieve higher results. One quality of a true runner is the common act of welcoming someone without experience to the team in order to help them achieve their dreams of running. Worldly hierarchy levels are leveled to a smooth surface when met with the love of running that act as poles asunder.  

We can be the world’s leading CEO in the market field by day than leave that role at the office to engage in the love of running with equal peers at the run club gathering. Running breaks down all barriers of professional titles. We become “be all we-together can be” instead of “be all I can be on my own.” Running brings together all levels of body, mind, and spirit, which merge together as one. The teacher becomes the student, and the student becomes the teacher. The level of pride gets turned down considerably allowing everyone to participate at the same level creating a family of true fellowship.

So folks be all you can be, but balance it at the training field. The sport of running truly adds more than a great body and work out. Running adds friends, love, and shared wisdom among an even playing field of professionals. Strangers come out to be friends in the training field. The jingle is “come as you are” then look-out for success. So remember through the sport of running, a stranger is just a friend you have not run with yet.

“Breaking down the barriers through running”


Happy Running!

John Carlson
Coach RRCW