Broad Street Run 2016

There is a little old tiny street in Philadelphia called Broad Street. This here street is thirteen miles long and approximately 100 feet wide. Broad Street is a major arterial in the city of Philadelphia. Broad Street is the home of City Hall, and is one of the earliest planned streets in the United States; it’s listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Most importantly, Broad Street is shut down each year on the first Sunday in May for the annual Broad Street Run (BSR). The first Broad Street Run hosted 1,576 runners in 1980. 35,169 runners participated in 2014. The BSR holds the title of the largest and most popular 10-mile run in the United States. Elite and amateur runners come from all points of the world to participate and compete in the annual Blue Cross Broad Street Run.

This year’s BSR takes place on May 1, 2016 at 8:00 AM. The excitement is building with anticipation of accomplishing personal best times at this super event. The BSR is a monumental race which is a magnet for all serious runners. I heard an elite runner say “anyone who is a serious runner should have the BSR on their schedule.” Broad Street has the rich ingredients that produce the most optimum run ever! The 10-mile course yields a superior running surface and a smooth grade for champion racing. Let’s explore some facts about the course.

The Broad Street Run is the largest 10-mile race, and in the opinion of many, the best 10-mile race in the world. The course is flat and fast, and obviously very straight. There are a couple of small upgrades that occur on the course, but not a match to a well-trained athlete. Broad Street is the perfect course to accommodate a fun run as well as a track of precision to achieve a personal record. The course is comfortable enough to run with ease, and also flat and straight enough to accomplish your finishing goal time.

The BSR is home to a wonderful experience filled with excitement from the beginning of the event to the finish. The travel to the start whether by bus, car, or the subway is also a joyous time with friends engaging in great conversations. Septa is a no-charge ride that day for all participating runners traveling to the start. The start line and corrals are well organized, which cultivates a relaxed line up. From start to finish the course is lined with herds of cheering fans and musical bands that sustains motivation, and excitement. The finish line at the Navy Yard is a triumphant style ending with festivities and food just waiting for the incoming athletes.

Training for the BSR should begin now. Run tips and training movements can be found right here on titled “the broad street training series.” The training tips are a series of 10 tips, each one dedicated to the success of the race. Folks, if you have contemplated doing a 10-mile race, the BSR is the one for you. So let’s suit up in our high power running gear and hit Broad Street!


Happy Running!

John Carlson
Coach RRCW