Neighbors in Need 5K

Thank you to all the runners, walkers and volunteers who came out to support the Neighbors in Need 5K! We really appreciate your help! Thanks also to Keyphoto pro photography for the awesome pictures around Bell Lake.


Speaking for all of our children and Brian and myself:

We are grateful to all of you who have donated and participated in helping our family during these difficult times. God has blessed us with friends like Vic and Maria many years ago and obviously, their love stems from friends like you! Everyone has bumps in their lives that are challenging. We live through these challenges as a family, work through them and never complain or worry. This bump took us all by surprise and scared us so much, yet we never gave up the faith in God, because, in the end, he always says he gives us only what we can handle and we thank him every day for all we have. There’s more than that and the way you all have tremendously helped us with medical bills and the time and love behind all your help brought tears to our eyes.  We will forever be grateful. You can’t imagine the tears we cried in thinking you didn’t even know us but yet you all cared about us enough! We forever will thank God for each and every one of you and of course Maria and Vic who have always had and continue to have hearts of Gold!! May you all know we pray for you all and turn our tears into happiness knowing we have just met some “special people” in our lives. We will forever be so thankful. You can’t imagine! May God be with you always.
Christine Hastings and Family

Neighbors in Need 5K

Sunday, May 8th – 9:00am – Fun Run Course at Woodbury Creek Park

Hello friends, I’m organizing a race to help my neighbors who are in a great need of assistance. The race is called the “Neighbors in Need 5K.” Please read the following message from my neighbor Brian.

My name is Brian Hastings and I have never asked for help in my life. My wife Christine and I have 2 handicapped children that she has taken care of her whole life, but now she wont be able to take care of them the same way in the future. She just had open heart surgery and is hospitalized and will not be physically able to lift and take care of them. She has done the job equivalent to 2 full time nurses her whole life as they has severe Cerebral Palsy. They need to be lifted, fed by feeding tube and administered all their medicines for seizure control etc.. While trying to take care of my wife through the open heart surgery, our daughter had an accident and she is in hospital with fractured bones in her pelvis. She recently had surgery and she has a long recovery process ahead of her. We are going to need full time nursing care for the forseeable future along with some huge medical bills. I dont know how much they will be but am certain they will probably be 10’s of thousands of dollars. I am embarrassed to be doing this but I am trying to do what I can to improve their life in the future. You can’t imagine the burden and fear. If you could help my family and I out, we would be eternally grateful. God Bless.

Neighbors in Need 5KVic and I have created two teams for this race. Please sign up for either team or feel free to create your own. We just hope that you will register for this race and support this very worthy cause! Thanks to JTF Racing for organizing and timing the race. Please visit JTF Racing to sign up today! Thank you!

Maria’s team: May the Sass Be With You!

Vic’s masters team (age 40+): Naptime at the Finish Line!

Any questions please email me at

If you can’t make it to the run but would still like to help out, you can make a donation on their gofundme page.

Maria Micklasavage