The Love Run 2016

RRCW Love Run 2016Due to the hard work of RRCW Love Run team captain Jen Nichols, the RRCW was invited to have a booth at the XFinity Live Love Run Expo on Friday and Saturday.  This booth was manned by RRCW volunteers who generously gave of their time to work in the booth and promote the RRCW to fellow runners attending the Love Run Expo.  The volunteers met lots of runners and handed out RRCW brochures.

On race day Sunday, there where 35 members on the RRCW Love Run team who departed bright and early from Colonial Ave. on the Love Run bus. Due to our large team, we were living large in our own tent with access to semi-private porta-potties.

The race itself was awesome and here’s a personal recap by Monica Barron:

This was my first Love Run, and I will definitely be running this race again because it was such a positive experience for me. The weather this year was cold and perfect. I won’t disagree that it was awful to be standing around in twenty-something temps, but sunny and calm and cold is exactly what I want for a long run. I haven’t done many large races, but I felt that it was incredibly well organized and that runners got a lot of “bang for their buck” – free (high quality!) photos and video, swag, Tastykakes, an after party and expo, etc. The volunteers were so excited to be there even though it was freezing, and I was grateful that they donated their time and energy to make our day go smoothly. The course was never boring, so I have to give a big kudos to the course designers. Except for… the hills. The hills were laughably tough. But it was inspiring to see my fellow runners digging deep to get through it, just like I was. Misery loves company and we were all in it together during those inclines. Personally, the last few miles were brutal (but mercifully flat). Seeing my RRCW teammates along the course was a huge mental boost. Even though I didn’t have my glasses on during the race, it was a wonderful distraction to scan the wave of runners for the familiar orange shirts. Knowing that there was a tent full of those amazing orange-shirted people waiting at the end of the run was a great motivator to power through it. A big thank you to CGIRacing for putting on another amazing event, and to all of the members of RRCW for making running fun! I can’t wait for Broad Street.

Thanks again to Jen for organizing the Love Run Bus which was a great way for the runners to get to and from the Colonial Café to the race venue with ease.  And to top it all off,  we all enjoyed a celebratory lunch at the Colonial Café after the race!

Everyone had a great time and we look forward to the Love Run 2017!

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  1. Great Experience! I loved getting a boost every time I saw one of our shirts out on the course from the front of the pack to the back. RRCW represented all pace groups. One highlight was a man that approached us after the race yelling “Hey Woodbury”. He had spotted a bunch of us out there and even used a few of us as pacers.

  2. I really do enjoy this race each year. This was the second year I ran it and I love how each year you can cheer all the other runners on during the race. There where stories of other runners helping a man push his sons racing chair up a hill or just of runners motivating other runners and giving them the push to keep going. Like Monica said the last few miles where tough but I thought about that nice warm tent and seeing you all at the finish. I also got to volunteer at the expo prior to the race and was able to meet so many people from all walks of life. This experience has made me fall in love with running again and really enforced in me the importance of encouraging others, being happy for your fellow runners and having fun with running.

  3. All of the events surrounding The Love Run were memorable and nothing but a positive experience. You guys are the greatest!

  4. I’ve run the Love Run all three years and have enjoyed it every time, even in the rain the first year. The last two years having our own tent has been a nice feature. It’s easy to find your teammates after the race and to celebrate out accomplishments together. Thanks to the massage folks for allowing us to keep warm in their tent before the race started. Hanging out at the expo trying to spread the word about our great group was a good time too. Special thanks to Jen for all her hard work to make this race special.

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