Broad Street Run 2016 Recap

RRCW Broad Street Run Photo CollageThe weather forecast was not looking good days before the 2016 Broad Street Run. We could only hope that the weather people were wrong—this time, unfortunately, they weren’t.

All aboard the Broad Street Bus
All Aboard the Broad Street Bus!

The RRCW Broad Street (big yellow school) Bus boards on Colonial Ave around 4:30 am and at 5:00 sharp, we are on the way to Broad Street. Where’s George? 5:30 and we’re parked right up near Broad Street with fresh porta-potties awaiting.

Broad Street Porta-Potties
Fresh and clean Broad Street Porta-Potties!

The bus is a great place to stay dry as the rain is slowly intensifying. We hang out, chat, take our annual group shot in front of the bus and wait. Hey, it’s Coach John Carlson stopping by for a visit! Should I wear my new shoes or old ones? I think I’ll go with the old ones. This is going to be a mess. Finally, it was 7:30 and runners start making their way to the corrals.

RRCW Broad Street Bus Group Shot
RRCW Broad Street Bus Group Shot

Everyone is ready in their rain gear or ponchos (shout out to Jen and Becky for the great ponchos!). Around 7:50 we hear the National Anthem and the race director’s warning to be careful out there. Then, of course, it’s Bill Conti’s Gonna Fly Now, aka “The Rocky Theme” playing over the loudspeakers. The horn for the elite runners goes off around 8:04 and there’s about a 5-minute gap for each following corral. About 8:15, my purple corral is set loose.

Ron and Pasquale of the Purple Corral
Ron and Pasquale of the Purple Corral

And we’re off. The rain is cold and consistent but it didn’t take too long to get warmed up. With the help of my poncho and hat, I’m able to stay fairly comfortable. Jamming along to my tunes, I feel surprisingly good as I sloshed through the puddles. The familiar sights go by on North Broad, the Uptown Theater which had a sign on the marquee “R.I.P Prince,” the mural of Grover Washington Jr. and then the Devine Lorraine Hotel (which is getting renovated). Not seeing too many bands out here this year, I guess the rain has something to do with that. I always turn down my headphones to hear what they’re playing. Around City Hall, the band is playing Bruce Springsteen’s 10th Avenue Freezeout. About a half-mile down the road, there’s another band. It’s 10th Avenue Freezeout again! Popular song with the Broad Street bands, I guess.

So now, it’s South Broad and you notice the crowds are growing—there are more “free high-five” signs and cowbell ringers. A multitude of funeral homes and laundromats go by. Six miles down. Or was it seven? I’m hoping seven. There’s the mile marker flag. It’s six. Ok, whatever, I’m in the groove now. It’s all systems go. No need for a water stop today. I’m not thirsty, nothing’s rubbing the wrong way, everything’s just wet (except for my shirt, thanks to the poncho). The rain is coming down even harder with 3 miles to go. Where are the darn stadiums!? The fans are really cheering us on now! I’ll take a rain check on that free high-five. Mile 9 finally! Time to turn it up a little bit. Remember, when you see the gates of the Navy Yard, you’re not done (a mistake that I made at my first BSR). We funnel into the gates and the road gets a bit narrower. There are the ships on the right. There are the cameras on the skylift. Gotta rip open the poncho to show my number and the RRCW logo! Ron Riskie finishes the 2016 Broad Street RunThere’s the finish line sign up ahead! Alright, let’s kick it in. Bam! I’m done. 1:17 something. Not bad, I’ll take it on a rainy day. Should have worn those new shoes, though! Oh well. Yes, let me have one of those “Philadelphia Marathon” plastic blankets. I guess they had a lot of extras from that race. Nevertheless, it helped patch the hole in my poncho. Ok, this is a selfie worthy situation—snap!

The goody bags
The goody bags and field.

Now it’s time to find the “W” sign in the field, that’s the RRCW meetup point. Why isn’t my left knee working? I’m lurking around like Frankenstein here. No thank you to the open cups of Gatorade and rain water. Oh yeah, we get a medal! I very unceremoniously receive mine while trying to keep my plastic blanket from blowing away. Thank you very much for the goodie bag! Just what I need, to carry this heavy bag of junk food around in the rain (I know, I didn’ have to take it :)). What are they trying to say here by the way? “Congratulations you just lost 5 pounds by running 10 miles, here’s a bag of cookies and cakes, now go put ’em back on.” Anyway, let me limp over there to the “W” sign. Maria is there checking people in. A few more road runners arrive. Where’s the bus? Same place as last year? Roger that!

We did it!
We did it!

Let’s take a quick group shot of whoever is here, I gotta get out of this rain. Snap! That’s a good one! Ok, I’m off to the bus.

I run into my cousins Harry and Walt who were also on the RRCW team. They’re going my way so I walk with them. It’s a long journey through the Navy Yard, up some slippery grassy hills and underneath Rt. 95 (especially with a bum knee) to South 11th where the bus is parked. It’s in between the Linc and the Wells Fargo Center, right? I get there. No school busses are in sight. Did I get confirmation on the location? Yeah, same place as last year. Cousins leave to go their car. I’m alone now. Well, maybe it was over on the other side on the Linc on Darien St. I hobble over there. No school busses. Ugh! Lost ChildWas it up there near Citizens Bank Park? Can I run again? Yeah, it actually feels better to run than walk. What?! It’s not here either?!! Should I go back to the “W” sign? No, it’s too far! I should have stuck with Vic! I got to call him. No! My battery is dead! “Hey guy, can I borrow your phone?” Wait, I don’t know anyone’s phone number! Argh! I’m lost… I’m lost!! Help! Mommy! The bus is going to leave without me. Wait a minute, there’s a car of die-hard Phillies fans tailgating for the 1:00 game like it’s 2008. “Hey guys, how ’bout those Phils? By the way, do you have a car charger for an iPhone? You do!? Excellent! Hey Vic, where’s the bus?? NovaCare center? Oh, that’s right, we did park there last year.” Whoops! I was thinking of the bus location from 2 years ago. So it was a big thank you to those tailgaters and I was off to the NovaCare parking lot. Yes, there it is! Like a mirage in the desert, it appeared up ahead. The weary traveler has made it. I was never so excited to see that big yellow school bus.

George is on the bus!
George is on the bus!
A well deserved lunch at the Colonial Cafe!
A well-deserved lunch at the Colonial Cafe!

It felt great to be back on the bus and dried off. I thought I was holding up everybody but we still had a half hour until the last people boarded. 11:45 and we were New Jersey bound again. To the Colonial Cafe! We got the whole dining room to ourselves. Good food, folks and fun, that’s the motto at the Colonial. Or was that an old McDonald’s marketing campaign? Whatever, it was a good time as always. One more group photo.

All in all, the 2016 Broad Street Run was fun and definitely memorable. I didn’t really enjoy the thought of running in cold rain before the race, but it wasn’t that bad! Congratulations to all of our great RRCW Broad Street team runners! You all did great! Check out the team scores from Jim Sery below. Looks like we got a couple trophies coming soon. And a big thanks to Jim Sery who always makes sure that the RRCW teams get into the BSR in the first place (no sweating the lottery system for us)! Thanks also to Vic and Maria for organizing the bus and everything that they do. Please leave your memories of the 2016 Broad Street Run in the comments section below. Until next year… And next year, it better be sunny and 65!


From Jim Sery:

Congratulations to everyone who ran on Sunday!  A miserable day but good performances. Below is a breakdown of the RRCW teams and places.  Individuals on teams 1 and 5 should get trophies which typically come in July.  Full results of all club teams.

Club Master Female
Road Runners Club Woodbury 5
Placed 4 with a score of 4:04:40

10400 Colette Blasko      44       F 45 TO 49 01:19:44
12906 Sandra Casella      48       F 45 TO 49 01:20:25
10401 Julia Lipeles            216     F 40 TO 44 01:24:31
24991 Melissa Bushie     784     F 45 TO 49 01:48:54
33663 Diane Skala            1356  F 40 TO 44 01:52:00

Club Master Male
Road Runners Club Woodbury 1
Placed 5 with a score of 3:23:18

846 Herc Wileczek            10     M 50 TO 54 01:04:25
2564 Justin Pino                39     M 45 TO 49 01:07:00
645 John Carlson              55     M 50 TO 54 01:11:53
4266 Pasquale Mancino 300  M 40 TO 44 01:17:42
11359 Vic Micklasavage 266   M 55 TO 59 01:27:20

Club Master Female
Road Runners Club Woodbury 6
Placed 8 with a score of 4:32:13

15642 Tara Emrick                418 F 40 TO 44 01:30:29
15661 Jan Summers            133 F 50 TO 54 01:30:32
14757 Becky Cunningham 451 F 40 TO 44 01:31:12
25486 Kathie Dinsmore      571 F 50 TO 54 01:51:33
25140 Jennifer Martino   1835 F 40 TO 44 02:14:27

Club Master Female
Road Runners Club Woodbury 7
Placed 11 with a score of 5:06:07

25542 ELEANOR BEASON              142 F 55 TO 59 01:39:45
25472 Sharon Grubb                       587 F 45 TO 49 01:43:01
25466 Suzanne Fitzgerald           1024 F 40 TO 44 01:43:21
31313 Donna Waddell                    620 F 45 TO 49 01:43:55
31336 Lauren Calise                         855 F 45 TO 49 01:51:29

Club Master Male
Road Runners Club Woodbury 2
Placed 9 with a score of 4:03:02

7017 Tom Cunningham 258 M 45 TO 49 01:19:50
2215 Clint Allen                 156 M 50 TO 54 01:20:11
10324 Jack Smith              502 M 40 TO 44 01:23:01
7540 Tom OHara               565 M 40 TO 44 01:24:37
6558 Alan Conway             67 M 60 TO 64 01:25:03

Club Master Male
Road Runners Club Woodbury 4
Placed 12 with a score of 5:04:08

23389 Danilo Marconi     220 M 60 TO 64 01:39:43
31320 Ray Motlasz           751 M 50 TO 54 01:41:20
19597 Michael Boone     795 M 50 TO 54 01:43:05
25482 Chris McDonnell  612 M 55 TO 59 01:44:13
25275 Patrick Lippincott 137 M 65 TO 69 01:55:22

Club Master Mixed
Road Runners Club Woodbury 3
6 with a score of 4:19:52

5786 Charlie Ciecka          57 M 60 TO 64 01:23:05
14990 Gary Rooney         84 M 60 TO 64 01:26:54
10174 Kimberly Lee         124 F 50 TO 54 01:29:53
15444 Sherry Hausman 238 F 50 TO 54 01:36:22
7529 Ronald Logue        928 M 50 TO 54 01:51:33

Club Open Female
Road Runners Club Woodbury 8
Placed 8 with a score of 4:16:25

4268 Monica Barron                        437 F 25 TO 29 01:21:28
3982 Colleen Tracy                           643 F 25 TO 29 01:24:33
12469 Lisa Kearsley                          583 F 35 TO 39 01:30:24
14991 Diana Gerstenbacher        774 F 35 TO 39 01:33:13
23133 Marissa Mastrando            235 F 17 TO 20 01:37:55

Club Open Female
Road Runners Club Woodbury 9
Placed 11 with a score of 4:32:33

7541 Caitlin Kramer         1156 F 25 TO 29 01:29:36
15716 Marta Bralinska       706 F 30 TO 34 01:29:45
12389 Jennifer Nichols      961 F 30 TO 34 01:33:12
25494 Katie Walsh            2422 F 25 TO 29 01:40:03
33909 Kristen Abdallah   2672 F 25 TO 29 01:42:11

Club Open Female
Road Runners Club Woodbury 10
Placed 19 with a score of 5:31:49.

33898 Lauren Petroski                    2026 F 30 TO 34 01:46:02
16270 Kristin McKnight                  3588 F 25 TO 29 01:52:31
30996 Kimberly Baresciano          2492 F 30 TO 34 01:53:16
37421 Christina Myers                    2194 F 35 TO 39 01:59:52
25141 Grayce Sweeny                      288 F  16 & UNDER 02:14:26

Club Open Male
Road Runners Club Woodbury 11
Placed 10 with a score of 3:47:13

5530 Walter Riskie           348 M 25 TO 29 01:11:34
3720 Ron Riskie                 439 M 35 TO 39 01:17:17
3792 Bill Kearsley              494 M 35 TO 39 01:18:22
23418 Vincent Hayes      674 M 45 TO 49 01:31:46

Club Open Male
Road Runners Club Woodbury 12
Placed 13 with a score of 3:59:35

7258 Jacob Lipeles           57 M 16 & UNDER 01:17:46
14517 Mike Matteo         737 M 30 TO 34 01:20:20
12700 Harrison Riskie      895 M 25 TO 29 01:21:29
12903 Ed Becker               328 M 45 TO 49 01:21:45
23388 Frank Simila           489 M 55 TO 59 01:37:32

“We’ll remember the cold, consistent rain of the 2016 Broad Street Run for sure! It was a rough one but we made it though! Awesome job, Broad Street runners!”

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  1. This was my first BSR and my first “big race” with the RRCW — I had a blast!!! The rain and cold just made it that much more memorable; special thanks to the Runnin’ Fairies for the ponchos and I can’t wait to do it again next year. 🙂

  2. This was my 4 year running this race. The rain couldn’t lessen my spirits I was excited to run. This was the first year I ran the race with friends along side me. It helped having people there to joke with and get soaked with. Thanks to Jen Becky and Lauren for the ponchos and Maria and Dave for being our cheer squad. And Jim Sery for getting the teams together that is no easy feat. And Vic thanks for being such a great organizer getting the bus each year.

  3. BSR, is always my favorite local race, I love the crowd, the enthusiasm, and just every year trying to beat the hour on the clock… never happen yet, This year I had some unfinished personal business with NJ Marathon, I also love that race, the course is fantastic and mostly flat, so I gave it a shot to secure my spot to Boston 2017, and thank God I did it, but so far that day we all have to deal with the bad weather, cold rain and everything that comes with it, when I was seeing Social Media posts from everyone who ran that race I was pumped up and happy for all of the participants, we all have our own stories, challenges and goals, and that is what I love about the RRCW, thank you for all the people behind the scenes organizing from shuttle bus, to forming teams, and special thanks to the Fairies who came with the ponchos for every one, I can’t wait for more runs coming ahead, I am just thankful that I am able to run along with all of you, and through my testimony and help may not change the world, but surely will change someone else’s world…. Love you All


  4. Sure, the weather could have been better, but I sincerely think it made it that much more memorable. It was a great day with great people. The volunteers were incredible… thanking runners for come out when in reality we needed to thank them for the support in such harsh conditions. The Temple Band made my day… Seeing them is typically one of my highlights of Broad Street and I thought for sure the weather would keep them away. It was definitely a pleasant surprise. All in all, great day!

  5. Broad Street means so much to this native Philly girl. I was born on Broad Street! (At Methodist Hospital, not double-parked on the median.) This was my 4th and definitely my most memorable. The camaraderie of the bus, the rain, the Diamond Marching Band (Go TU!), rounding City Hall, seeing the Navy Yard gates were all highlights. The price of having to deal with 40,000 people is well worth the BSR experience. Many thanks to Vic, Maria, Dave, Jim, my fellow fairies and every member of the RRCW for pulling this all together and making it such a great day!

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