Spring Has Officially Sprung

Spring Training

Runner tying show spring flowersThe perpetual new birth of the glorious springtime has been presented to the world once again. The planet is enslaved to a beautiful foundational climate which humanity embraces with open arms. A time of new birth and new purposes laced with the freshness of the spring air. Most importantly this season gives way to a whole new opportunity of running purposes.

Most hearts are renewed from the beautiful hope and promise of good weather. Compared to the winter extreme temps and precipitation which beget running less than comfortable. So spring is usually just the right mixture of warm and cool molecules that influence the body to get outside and hit the trail. The occasional April showers can give a cool refreshing vibrancy while the creation of the miraculous sun fills one with pleasure and motivation. This is akin to spring cleaning, time of renewal; out with the old and in with new life.

Due to the fantastic weather, this is the season when the routes and trails are furnished with exuberant runners that reinvent the science of biomechanics. The spirit of fellowship among runners is strong in the season of spring delivering renewed knowledge to the new racers.  There will be plenty of wonderful faces to network at the water fountains and stretching areas. Also if you mess up your program on the smartphone there are plenty of younger generation knowledgeable to help out. I speak from many experiences.

Along with the great weather, spring brings the start of the fresher and lighter food season. The runner’s delight is the fuel sparked with lighter delicatesses that subtracts the heavy baggage that winter comfort food brings. One such food selection favorite among the most efficient for running is the strawberry. Strawberries are packed with vital nutrients. One crucial nutrient would be vitamin C, which is a water-soluble vitamin with potent antioxidant capabilities essential for many biological functions, most notably ensuring proper wound healing and maintaining cartilage.

Spring training examples:

So let’s focus our attention to examples of balanced plans which can fit the season. Let’s study an example of foundation and balance.

Foundation run: The foundation runs make up the majority of the miles within a training week at the beginning of the training period. I call these staple runs or the 4 to 10-milers that are ran at normal pace within your aerobic capacity. That would consist of a moderate pace, but not a tempo or speed. Spending ample time within your aerobic zone promotes a healthy balance of fat and glycogen energy burn. Also, since the intensity is medium, recovery is minimal and your body has the opportunity to adapt quickly within this movement. Now let’s explore an example of a balanced week of training.

Balanced Week

  • Monday: 5-mile foundational run easy.
  • Tuesday: 7-mile Hill training.
  • Wednesday:5-mile foundation run.
  • Thursday: 8-mile tempo.
  • Friday: 7-mile speed.
  • Saturday: 10-mile foundational run easy.
  • Sunday: 15-mile long run.

Folks, please go out in this beautiful weather and enjoy your balanced training plans. Please remember that every running movement no matter the distance or tempo is part of the balanced plan, so just go out and do it! Spring allows one to go out more often to put in the miles. The weather corresponds to a more enjoyable atmosphere magnifying the miles. The excuses become far less justified.  Adapt to changes along the way until the plan fits your level of fitness and the race distance. Folk’s spring is the perfect time to renew the old and add in the new purpose of running.


Coach John Carlson