Tread Mill Training

February 12, 2014 John Carlson 3

If anyone has read my last tip on tread mill training it was noted that this type of training is not a favorite or preferred avenue. I am writing to say that this view has been […]


October 2, 2013 John Carlson 1

“Focusing on Leadership” seminars, while logging in 55-mile weeks, have implanted an important word on my mind –‘diligence’.  The definition of diligence is: “a steady application of effort to accomplish a task”; “exerting yourself to […]


September 23, 2013 John Carlson 0

Success in any endeavor requires a need for passion. Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm towards a goal or stated accomplishment. The sport of running requires a person who is enthusiastic about improving their […]

Total Relaxed Running

December 18, 2012 John Carlson 1

Folks, Last Sunday proved to be one of the best runs I have ever experienced. This experience was not a result of a fast speed work, tempo pace, or even the longest endurance run. This […]

Tom Osler Interview part 2

November 9, 2011 John Carlson 0

Tom’s successful running career is a result of his desire to build a base when it wasn’t popular in the past. The amazing thought is that Tom began his career in the 50s. This was […]

Tom Osler Interview part 1

November 2, 2011 John Carlson 0

The world of running brings together some amazing people. This week’s topic focuses on a very successful runner Tom Osler. Tom has been running since the early 1950’s and has accomplished many amazing goals. Tom’s […]

Steve Gettings Interview

September 28, 2011 John Carlson 0

Hello super dynamic runners and walkers, this is the Road Runners club of Woodbury run tip of the week. I write to you with a feeling of accomplishment after an amazing speed workout that included […]

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