Super Salmon

November 30, 2016 John Carlson 0

The robust strength ingrained in the will and frame of the salmon allows this superior fish to swim upstream against the current to lay eggs. Salmon return to rivers from the ocean and swim upstream […]

The Joy of Almonds

October 5, 2016 John Carlson 0

The seed of life is the core foundation prepared and organized for mature growth. Every level of animation secures the base that propels the succeeding sequence of proliferation maturation. All life begins with a seed […]

Going Bananas!

August 31, 2016 John Carlson 0

The amazing banana transmits an explosion of energy and nutritional assets to the runner.  Bananas are among the best pre-workout, pre-race, and post-race foods for runners. This yellow eclipse is almost all energy filled carbohydrate. […]

Super Chicken

August 2, 2016 John Carlson 0

Our next nutritional series tip focuses on the power of chicken. We all know that running is a premium sport that requires superior sustaining nutritional requirements. To get the best in performance, endurance, and recovery […]

Strawberry Power

July 8, 2016 John Carlson 0

The first up in our nutritional series research of super foods for runners is the “Strawberry!” Strawberries are considered the runner’s most perfect fruit. Strawberries bring to the table some really excellent benefits—from repairing muscle to maintaining […]