Weekly running tips from the RRCW.

Spring Has Officially Sprung

April 11, 2018 John Carlson 0

Spring Training The perpetual new birth of the glorious springtime has been presented to the world once again. The planet is enslaved to a beautiful foundational climate which humanity embraces with open arms. A time […]

The Marathon Thought Process

October 25, 2017 John Carlson 5

Begin with the holistic entity bridging physical transformation upon the mentality of the heart. Running a marathon demands a commitment to the body, however, the heart and mind are strong elements of this mission. Preparation […]

Summer Blast

June 26, 2017 John Carlson 0

The variation in seasons can have a profound effect on running performance. The athlete’s responsibility is to adapt to the change in seasons in order to achieve training goals. So keep your cool because a […]

The Broad Street Paradigm

April 12, 2017 John Carlson 2

I remember when running was a huge challenge, always greeting me with much pain. In that period I was fortunate to have a coach that guided me through the trials and tests in the sport […]

The Stretch Run

February 15, 2017 John Carlson 0

Once in awhile we have the need to get away from the high-intensity training runs to visit our joyful and comforting healing runs. One day a week should be reserved for a gentle healing run. […]

Winter Running

January 11, 2017 John Carlson 2

The cold weather is among our existence penetrating the silence of nature. The serious runner who has a passion with an elite racing agenda cannot surrender the training day because of the forecast. Running in […]

Super Salmon

November 30, 2016 John Carlson 0

The robust strength ingrained in the will and frame of the salmon allows this superior fish to swim upstream against the current to lay eggs. Salmon return to rivers from the ocean and swim upstream […]

Going Bananas!

August 31, 2016 John Carlson 0

The amazing banana transmits an explosion of energy and nutritional assets to the runner.  Bananas are among the best pre-workout, pre-race, and post-race foods for runners. This yellow eclipse is almost all energy filled carbohydrate. […]

Super Chicken

August 2, 2016 John Carlson 0

Our next nutritional series tip focuses on the power of chicken. We all know that running is a premium sport that requires superior sustaining nutritional requirements. To get the best in performance, endurance, and recovery […]

Strawberry Power

July 8, 2016 John Carlson 0

The first up in our nutritional series research of super foods for runners is the “Strawberry!” Strawberries are considered the runner’s most perfect fruit. Strawberries bring to the table some really excellent benefits—from repairing muscle to maintaining […]

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