Weekly running tips from the RRCW.

Extreme Endurance Movements

June 1, 2016 John Carlson 2

Extreme Endurance Movements or long distance running over a distance of 10-miles is largely aerobic in nature and requires endurance as well as mental strength. Extreme endurance movement (EEM) is the title chosen for this […]


April 25, 2016 John Carlson 2

The rubber band was taken out of the freezer after an hour stay. When applied force on opposite ends to stretch, the band broke. The rubber band was in a state of cold and non-action, […]

Speed Movements

March 30, 2016 John Carlson 0

Speed Movements (SM) aka speed “work” produces comfort and stability to any race distance by improving upon the running economy. Participants competing in the Broad Street Run will benefit from the added SM resulting in […]

The Broad Street Run Long Run

March 2, 2016 John Carlson 0

A building without a solid foundation will crumble from lack of stability and strength. Just like a building, the runner needs to be anchored on a solid foundation or they too will crumble. The long run […]

Broad Street Run Tempo Training

February 17, 2016 John Carlson 0

Productive training sessions should include a proper amount of tempos. The tempo run is defined as a steady high-intensity run that is held for longer periods of time. The purpose of this type of training […]

Broad Street Run 2016

January 20, 2016 John Carlson 0

There is a little old tiny street in Philadelphia called Broad Street. This here street is thirteen miles long and approximately 100 feet wide. Broad Street is a major arterial in the city of Philadelphia. […]

The Five Mile Run

December 30, 2015 John Carlson 0

It was a beautiful sunny day with big puffy clouds floating in the sky. The temperature was around 70 degrees with a light wind blowing, all the makings of a gorgeous warm spring day. I […]

The Joy in Injury

December 2, 2015 John Carlson 0

“My brethren, count it all joy when you fall into various trials.” (James 1:2). Trials, challenges, failures, and yes injuries seen in a positive light are teachers of growth. The destination is a dead end […]


October 14, 2015 John Carlson 0

“Nervous about doing this on Sunday, mainly that I will be physically destroyed for Monday!” A word from RRCW Kathie Dinsmore referring to the LBI 18-mile race. Kathie is a tremendous and committed runner like […]


September 2, 2015 John Carlson 0

Pride is a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired. The statement […]

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