Weekly running tips from the RRCW.

The Joy in Training

August 12, 2015 John Carlson 0

The race is set, the training begins, which leads the way to a hard road ahead. The thoughts of high intensity training on the horizon is exciting, and at the same time, a cloud of […]

A Well Balanced Training Plan

July 16, 2015 John Carlson 0

A wide variety of running workouts make up a well-balanced training program. People shop for a wide variety of foods to make up a healthy balanced diet. Education consists of a multitude of different subjects […]

After the Race

June 10, 2015 John Carlson 0

The most popular conversation among runners is how to prepare and train for the big race. Very seldom do we talk on steps after a race. Whether finishing with a PR or a not so […]

Run Faster at the BR5K

May 13, 2015 John Carlson 0

A couple of years ago a runner asked me a question at the fun run. “John what is the best way to become a faster runner?” My answer, “The best way to run faster is […]

Broad Street

April 29, 2015 John Carlson 0

Just wanted to send out a positive word concerning the ever wonderful Broad Street Run. Broad Street is the largest 10-mile race, and in my opinion the best. The course is flat and fast, and […]

The Love of the Run

April 8, 2015 John Carlson 0

The pace is too fast, my body is weak and tired, and I hope I can get to the next mile before collapsing. Speed-work day has arrived again, and I feel anxious about my performance. […]


March 11, 2015 John Carlson 0

This beautiful, wonderful, glorious creation of water holds the key to life.  Water is essential to life, in all forms, including you. If you don’t  think that water is important, try taking it out of […]

Sprint to Success

February 18, 2015 John Carlson 0

If you are like most intense runners, the pinnacle of our training tends to lean on the endurance end of the long run. The short intense repeat training seems to take the back seat involving […]

The Principles of Fat Burning

January 28, 2015 John Carlson 0

A well balanced cardiovascular conditioning program, which involves running is a crucial element to burn body fat. Walking is excellent, although nothing burns better than a program of running. Now, that being said there is […]

Cold Weather

January 14, 2015 John Carlson 0

There has been some hints of very cold weather breaking the silence of winter wondering.  Keeping our training strong in cold weather can be difficult, but it is possible. When it comes to running in […]

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