Weekly running tips from the RRCW.

The Principles of Hydration

December 24, 2014 John Carlson 0

There is no mystery that hydration is most important to a runner’s daily training. Think of the daily consumption of water as an important part of the workout like stretching. Proper hydration increases energy while […]

Breathing Capacity

December 10, 2014 John Carlson 0

The physical ability to run a 5k, marathon or even moving around from place to place improves in relation to your level of breathing capacity. Producing of fruit doesn’t stop there, higher oxygen capacity increases […]

Thank You

November 26, 2014 John Carlson 0

Life develops at a deeper level when one inclines their ear to wisdom and understanding. False simplicity turning into a show of pride downgrades the true richness of our lives. This time of year can […]


October 29, 2014 John Carlson 0

We are quickly approaching the Philadelphia Marathon, which soon finds us in the Tapering Phase. The taper is the final phase of training leading into the race. The bulk of marathon training is fixated on […]

RRCW and Mental Health

September 24, 2014 John Carlson 3

The gifts resulting from joining a running club far exceed a great work-out. The first thought is to join a club to enhance motivation and discipline in the sport of running. Once established in the […]

Race Down Broad Street 5K Training

September 10, 2014 John Carlson 0

The 7th annual Race Down Broad Street is approaching quickly.  Woodbury’s Broad Street Race is a phenomenal race that includes a mixture of hills, straights and flats to test our strengths. The following is a […]

Begin With an End in Mind

August 27, 2014 John Carlson 0

Stephen Covey, the author of “The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People” states that to “begin with an end in mind is to begin today with the image, picture, or paradigm of the end of […]

Jason Kilderry Interview

August 6, 2014 John Carlson 0

ETA Coach LLC is a greater Philadelphia area-based endurance coaching company that is dedicated to helping clients worldwide and of all ability achieve excellence in endurance athletics, nutrition, fitness, and health through the application of […]

The 5K Check List

July 30, 2014 John Carlson 0

Attention super athletic competitors, I would like to disclose several little tips to follow concerning the two days before a 5000 meter race. The Hot Run in the Summertime 5K is in a couple of […]

Sharpening for a 5K

July 9, 2014 John Carlson 0

Folks, we are in the last stretch of training for the “The Hot Run in the Summertime 5K.” The Course yields excellent grade conditions allowing for a strong pace. This moment in time should be […]

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