Weekly running tips from the RRCW.

Weight Loss and Running

June 25, 2014 John Carlson 1

Let’s address this myth right now, you cannot eat all you want and anything you want and still lose weight just because you are a runner. I have read many articles in which runners state […]


June 4, 2014 John Carlson 0

“Fellowship and Camaraderie” were the words out of  VP of Events Vic Micklasavage’s mouth when sharing his thoughts about a recent Road Runners Club get together. The RRCW is a run club, however there are […]

Benjamin Ross 5K Sharpening

May 19, 2014 John Carlson 0

We are just two weeks away from the 20th Annual Benjamin Ross 5K. At this point we should be deeply involved in the sharpening period of training. Most of you have just completed the Broad Street […]

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