Weekly running tips from the RRCW.

Tread Mill Training

February 12, 2014 John Carlson 3

If anyone has read my last tip on tread mill training it was noted that this type of training is not a favorite or preferred avenue. I am writing to say that this view has been […]


October 2, 2013 John Carlson 1

“Focusing on Leadership” seminars, while logging in 55-mile weeks, have implanted an important word on my mind –‘diligence’.  The definition of diligence is: “a steady application of effort to accomplish a task”; “exerting yourself to […]


September 23, 2013 John Carlson 0

Success in any endeavor requires a need for passion. Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm towards a goal or stated accomplishment. The sport of running requires a person who is enthusiastic about improving their […]

Welcome New Runners

September 18, 2013 Ron Riskie 0

If you decided to become a runner, then seeking advice on how to start out is important. New runners ask the question “how do I get started? The last time I ran was in high […]

Race Down Broad Street 5K Training

September 11, 2013 Ron Riskie 0

The sport of running is intensified by the introduction of racing. Competitive runners use racing as a barometer of performance. The serious runner measures performance by a term called PR (performance record). The true motivation […]

Success Motivation

September 4, 2013 Ron Riskie 0

In the world of running many factors come into play that produce top performance. There are two types of runners. One type is identified as the competitor. The competitor strives to improve on the PR […]

Overuse Syndrome

August 28, 2013 Ron Riskie 0

Over use syndrome is a condition where a part of the body can be injured as a result of repeatedly performing a physical activity that can result in an injury or strain to the body […]

Speed Work

June 5, 2013 Ron Riskie 0

Hello athletes, the Browning Ross 5K was last Sunday and what a great day it was! The number attending was a record setting of 262 participants. That is an excellent turn out for a race, […]

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